About Us

We are fully Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Certified.
All of our installers have passed a strict background check and have many years of flooring experience.


Objective: To provide professional installation and build business growth through education and communication between the Home Depot customer, the Home Depot store, Addison Processing, and Measure Comp to ensure customer experience satisfaction.

  1. To provide training to sales associates one-on-one with specific and technical information pertaining to installation procedures.
  2. Discuss with specialty managers training specific to department needs based on staff experience or current events.
  3. To visit stores weekly to provide support for sales.
  4. Provide Zone Manages prompt attention to service issues.
  5. Provide VOC calls to ensure customer satisfaction.
  6. Provide job survey for trip charge to eliminate job stoppers.
  7. Assist Zone Managers to resolve install issues for other service providers.
  8. Provide P.K. classes at store and department meetings to explain process for sales associate to build relationship with the customer and follow sale through as follows:
    1. To confirm measure is scheduled and completed.
    2. To review measure for special installation needs (i.e. asbestos removal, sub floor repair, unleveled floor requiring grinding, excess furniture, high moisture, etc.) and to review these issues with customer to offer information and/or pricing to resolve these issues and proceed with installation.
    3. To explain to the customer at the time of measure sale that the quote will include upgrades which can enhance installation through upgraded products and service warranties. Invite the customer to review quotes in the store to confirm seam layout and insure that the customer understands enhancements as they apply to their needs. Use familiarity to ask for sale.
    4. To offer and explain necessity of calcium chloride testing for wood and laminate installations. B & M has provided literature and training to assist associates with an explanation.
    5. To supply customer with helpful installation hints to prepare for installation and what is included. B & M has provided literature that has trade specific information.